Multifunctional Meat Cutter

One cutter can cut a variety of meat specifications, saving users the trouble of replacing and cleaning cutters.
Any specifications can be ordered and adjusted free of charge; specifications can also be modified free of charge after purchase and use to avoid any worries of inadequate sizes
The blades are made of special stainless steel, suitable enough for cutting apart chicken legs; the automatic sharpening structure of the design keeps the blades permanently sharp
Multifunctional design that allows the use of meat cutting, kneading, marinating, grinding, and vegetable cutting; the compact design of the machine does not take up large amounts of space, allowing it to be used even in the smallest of restaurants
The blades are 160 millimeters(6.3 inches) in diameter, making it possible to easily cut 6 inch boneless ribs

Range of functions (need the corresponding attachments):
Can cut thawed chicken, beef, pork; slice, shred, and dice BBQ pork;  for boneless steak, sweet and sour chicken, general tso’s chicken, kung pao chicken, teriyaki chicken and other kinds of meat.
shred, slice and dice, for cabbage, carrots, celery, potatoes, onions, garlic and kinds of vegetables
Can mince meats, chilies, general tso’s chicken, kung pao chicken
kneading, marinating

Product Details:
Machine Size: 29” x 16” x 33” (L x W x H)
Power voltage: 2hp, 1500W, 100V, 60 Hz


U.S. Patent No. 7377201; Any counterfeits will be investigated

Price:$2,698.00(Includes a meat cutter,shipping included )

Cutting, slicing, shredding, dicing BBQ pork and boneless steak performance video


Grinder price:$598.00(shipping included)

general tso’s chicken, kung pao chicken Accessories: $130.00 (shipping included)



Kneading, Marinating Head (60lbs capacity): $798.00 (shipping included)

Vegetable cutter: $798.00 (shipping included)