Founded in January 2002, Sino Wholesale Corp is a company focused on the development of specialized equipment and machinery for Chinese restaurants across the United States.After immigrating to the United States, the founder of the company, Mr. Chen, worked in a Chinese restaurant to make ends meet. During this time, he saw and experienced the grueling hard work of a restaurant employee. The hard labor of cutting meat, especially that of dicing BBQ pork, formed thick calluses on the worker’s hands. Using what he learned from his food process major, Mr. Chen decided to design a meat cutter to alleviate some of the hardships. In 2002, the meat cutters were successfully patented and put on the market.

The company strictly controls the quality of all parts, only using high-quality materials to produce the best machines. In order to insure this, all of our production supply manufacturers are required to build to the company’s standards. We do not hesitate in improving production costs while also ensuring that the products are durable. For over 19 years, we have insisted on operating under these principles of selling quality products to our customers. Some of our first customers even still use the initial design of the machine and recommend them to their colleagues!

The products have been carefully researched and improved to meet the various needs of Chinese restaurants.The company insists on providing only the best to our customers because Mr. Chen knows that only by providing products that make our customers happy can the company grow. We are always updating and developing practical Chinese restaurant equipment and listening to our customer’s feedback and opinions to ensure we are providing the product they want. Mr. Chen is the happiest at seeing the response of satisfied customers and how his equipment has made their lives easier. Sino Wholesale Corp will continue to grow and help others in the future.